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leave veitch author of "this town" is with us. it's a brilliant expose of how washington d.c. turns out to be exactly as awful as everyone thinks it is. but we start tonight in russia. with edward snowden, the former n.s.a. contractor turned whistle blower and also of the upcoming lonely planet terminal-d of the moscow airport. so what has he been up to apart from nothing? >> russian news agencies reported that snowden would get a special i.d. card or document of some kind that would allow him to finally leave the airport transit zone. but it turns out that the lawyer wasn't carrying any such i.d. card. he did have some fresh clothes for us, some pizza and a couple of books by check often. >> john: that's nice because nothing lightens a man's spirits like theodore. i think you'll find him in barnes and enable's misery section. take that. now you understand suffering. i've got no problem with you, checkov. no problem. but like a hotel phone ringing at 5:30 a.m. because you specifically requested it, snowden has provided a real wake-up call. (laughing). he's forced americans to examine th
breaking news. i apologize. it's regarding the "washington post." and mary thompson has that very interesting story. mary? >> really interesting. jeff bezos, the founder of, will be buying the newspaper publishing businesses of the "washington post" for $250 million. now, bezos is buying this with an entity that is his alone. this does not have anything to do with so it's basically a personal acquisition. the transition -- the transaction covers the "washington post," the newspaper, and other publishing businesses, including the express newspaper, the gazette newspapers, southern maryland newspapers, fairfax county times, greater washington publishing. what it doesn't include is slate magazine, the and foreign policy. they're not part of the transaction, and will remain with the "washington post" company, as will wapo labs and social code businesses. once again, jeff bezos is paying $250 million for the newspaper publishing businesses of the "washington post." he has asked katherine wamuth, the ceo and publisher of the "washington post," as well as
to this country. have done great damage to the american culture. to the american psyche. >> washington doesn't want to find a -- 1/6 of the economy is gone. the government took it. i don't think the rest of the world is enamored with obama. i love radio. radio is the single greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. >> rush limbaugh on the record. and you hear rush say things you never heard him say before. but first, in our one-on-one interview, rush limbaugh tells us what he thinks of president obama's phony scandal campaign. >> let me ask you, talking about the scandals, president obama says the scandals are phony. why do you thinkhe says they're phony? because he believes it or is there a strategy? >> there's a strategy. i've been troubled by something with the obama i playfully call it the regime as i know it irritates him. it is much like a regime. i've been troubled, i've been amazed. here is a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. policies have done great damage to the economy. have done great damage to the american culture, to the american psyche. i mean, there
of blacks in the white house. >> yes. >> this is a q&a for a couple of years ago about the martha washington's slave -- pick it up at the end. >> she found out early 1796 that martha washington was planning to give her away as a wedding gift. during slavery, slaves were given away. this was upsetting for her. because when they died, they would free individuals who were slave to them. and she had hoped down the road she would be out of the institution. but if she's going to be given away, that meant her whole life was going to be in slavery. she's going make plans to escape. she writes, she talks about later, one evening, late spring, 1796 while the washingtons were silting at the dinner table waiting for her to serve them, she went out the back door. rather than say, you know, she escaped, we don't like it, but we'll leave it alone. george decides to kidnap her. they send a nephew back to kidnap her which was actually fairly common. >> how many stories in history like this, slaves in the white house? >> many stories. there were african-americans in the white house, except the james buchanan
shocker. the washington post company sells its number and publishing assets to founder. the deal capped the day of big news in print, online and in television. >> looser lending. new reports say banks are lowering standards for businesses, consumer and home buyers. does it signal a return to the bad old days of too easy credit? >> home grown, walmart pledges to buy american made goods. how it could affect manufacturing. we kick off a special series called made in america. >> it was a stunning late day capper today to a day of major news affecting the newspapers you read, the websites you visit, the tv networks you watch, and the cable systems you may subscribe to. founder and ceo is buying the publishing business of the washington post company. which includes the fames newspaper for $250 million. the post long run by members of the eugene meyer and graham families reached the peak of its fame for tough reporting, during the watergate era. baso says, i understand the critical role the post plays in washington, d.c., and our nation, and the post's values will n
martha washington's slave. out in 1796,ound that martha washington was planning to give her away. during the planning, slaves were away. this was upsetting, because the washington's had promised to free their slaves when they died. and she was going to be given away, that meant that she was going to be in slavery. she may plan to escape. she talks about this later, one whenng, in 1796, washington was sitting at the dinner table, literally, waiting for them to serve him, she escaped. she -- george decides that they are going to kidnap her. that was fairly common. >> how many stories are there like this? >> many. there were always african americans in the white house. james buchanan's administration. were upset.ners he dismissed the african- american staff and brought in irish and english house servants. that is the only time that happened. left the hercules, washington compound and was never found again. they think he was in new york. they do not know. not a lot of effort was made to find him. hise is trouble about slaves and hers. he freed his and he did not free hers. i do not know the
. washington doesn't want to find the waste and fraud. 1/6 of the economy is gone. government just took it. i don't think that the rest of the world is enommored of obama. if you read the foreign press, you get the truth. i love radio. radio is the single greatest opportunity i have to be who i am. >> rush limbaugh oont road and you hear rush say things he's never said before but first in our one-on-one interview rush limbaugh tells what is he thinks of president obama's phony scandal campaign. >> let me ask you, talking about the scandals. president obama says the scandals are phony. why do you think he says they are phony, because he believes it, or is there a strategy? >> no, there's a strategy. i've been troubled by something with the obama, you know, i playfully call it the regime, because i know it irritates them, and it is. it's like a regime, and i've been troubled, i've been amazed. here is a man whose policies have done great damage to this country. policies have done great damage to the economy, have done great damage to the american culture, to the american psyche. i mean, there i
, jeff bezos is buying "the washington post" for $250 million. bezos, one of the captains of the online world and future of commerce, putting a quarter of a billion dollars of his own money, not amazon money, into a newspaper that is well over 100 years old and part after model that everyone thinks is dieing. we don't have a whole lot of details a letter gone out from the publisher i believe of "the washington post." two employees telling them about the deal. let's remember that newspapers, which used to have really rich margins and still are profitable but have been really hurt by the internet, are becoming an investment for the very rich. ron burkle, the billionaire, pathmark billionaire and david geffen were in buying "the l.a. times." carlos slim, from mexico, one of the world's richest men, rescued "the new york times." jeff bezos of amazon, getting ready to pay for the newspaper itself. many people thought "the washington post" company, most valuable asset inside the company is not the legendary newspaper that led to the watergate investigation that led to resignation of nixon in
/11. after the bell stunner, jeff bezos buys "the washington post" for $250 bucks. and the bankrupt city of detroit starts the process of putting its priceless museum artwork up for auction. you wouldn't believe how much it could be worth. all those stories and much more coming up on the "kudlow report" right now. good evening, i'm larry kudlow. this is the "kudlow report." first up tonight, breaking news, jeff bezos paying $250 million for "the washington post" newspaper. a few days ago boston red sox owner john henry bought the "boston globe" for the bargain basement price of only $70 million. what is going on here? why will these foes succeed while others have failed. joining us is our own julia boorstin. why will they succeed where others have failed in. >> i think the question is how do you define success? one thing jeff bezos makes very clear in his letter about this and it was also in the press release is that he's not investing this just as a financial endeavor but he sees this as supporting journalism. he says "i understand the critical role the post plays in washington, d.c. an
. >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. 19 of america's diplomatic posts will remain closed until the end of the week in response to a terror threat from al qaeda. >> we take the threat very seriously and have taken action because of that. >> protests in turkey after more than 200 are found guilty of trying to overthrow the government including the country's former army chief. and would you eat a hamburger made in the lab? . a breakthrough to everyone's astes. >> welcome to our views on public television in america and also around the globe. after shattering 21 diplomatic posts across the islamic world this weekend due to increased chatter about a possible al qaeda attack the united states has decided to keep 19 of them closed until the end of the week. only the embassies in iraq and afghanistan will reopen. today white house spokesman jay carney said the obama administration decided to take the steps out of an abundance of caution. >> we take the threat very seriously and have taken action because of that. i'm not in a position to discuss specific intelligence but we believ
'm andrea mitchell in washington. state department is keeping 15 diplomatic posts closed for the rest of the week and closing four more today. joining me now from washington, nbc justice correspondent pete williams and from cairo, nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. first to you, richard, in the field. we know we're talking about unspecified threats emanating from yemen and possibly targeting something in yemen but they don't know what the specific targets are. they don't know specifically the timing. what are you hearing in cairo and throughout the region? >> well, we're hearing confusing picture. we think we know a good amount about this threat. we know it is coming from yemen. we know it is coming from al qaeda and the iranian peninsula. we know that welcome and the iranian peninsula has some very dangerous, very important leaders who are tied directly to the top leadership of al qaeda central, including a man who was formerly osama bin laden's secretary. we know that there was chatter. but we don't know the most important things. exactly where, exactly when. so we've se
. president obama is trying get support for his economic plan, can washington come to agreement over a big new deal and looking for the genius in the next generation. the interview with the parents of the's founder. "on the money" begins right now. "on the money." >> here is a look at what is making news as we head into the new week, "on the money." the economy created 160,000 new jobs for the month. that was below expectation, but the unemployment rate fell to 7.4%. as fewer people looked for jobs. it was a record setting week for the markets, meanwhile the dow and s&p 500 kicking off the month of august with a bang, hitting new highs on thursday. after kmepts made by the fed earlier in the week. the s&p 500 closed above 1700. and the markets continued to rise on friday. those comments were after a 2-day meeting wrapped up, and the feds announced that they would continue to buy bonds and mortgage-backed securities to keep interest rates low. but the fed used the phrase, modest growth instead of moderate growth. it was a slight and subtle down grade. the first reading of the gdp was
that raised alarm bells across washington was an intercepted communication from the leader of al qaeda, it was to a man in zemin. he was just appointed as his number two. that provides an unprecedented al qaeda link between the core al qaeda from the 9/11 era of attacks and the yemen al qaeda. i want to explain to everyone why we're talking about this because it's so important. we had this information here at cnn about the intercept over the weekend and decided not to report the details because we discussed it with u.s. officials and there were significant concerns about attaching his names to it. the intercept said do something, do something now. let us be clear and transparent to our viewers, a number of news organizations have reported this information. this is now out in the public arena. so we feel now we can decide to report it. there was -- there is a lot of concern about this now it looks like he has made his move with al qaeda in nyemen. it was is al qaeda in yemen that has been able to reach out and touch. think of that detroit airliner bombing. >> that terror group has signi
recess. president obama is in washington today, scheduled with meetings with senior advisers. are on alert after terror warnings from the state department and terror officials. you'll get more on that this morning. we want to focus on the top federal budget questions that congress will have to address when it returns next month. today,ominent voices including david petraeus, are calling for a compromise. and eric cantor went on one of the sunday on one of talk shows to tell what his view might look like. we want to ask you whether you believe a copper rises possible and how much copper mines would you be ok with? the phones are open. republicans can call at yashin that -- republicans can call at -- you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social atia sites or e-mail us a good monday morning to you. i want to take you to the opinion piece by david petraeus and a senior fellow at the brookings institution. this is in "usa today." the headline -- that is the opinion piece in "usa today." eric cantor went on fox news sunday to talk about the idea
getting to the next sunday here. part of that is because never in washington have we had this assault on democracy, and have the opposition party asleep, and have the media give up its role of protecting the people. >> neil: and giving up its role of privacy of the people. that just within be the wayside. >> this is an attack on the american people. >> neil: all right, pat. thank you very much. >> obvious live got to take something pretty big to do something this big. shut down every american embassy in the mideast e middle -- midd. we know it involves al qaeda but what, where, when? lisa on the chatter that pat and i were talking about. sounds other a lot like the chatter behind this back then. of course, i'm talking about 9/11. chuck, is it similar and if it is, where is it coming from? >> i think we have established patterns in the intelligence community of looking for who talks to whom. and it may not be that you understand exactly what they're saying, but when two people start talking you start to connect the dots. and they're looking at people talking to people, and it's probabl
by the national media. your thoughts? >> there is definitely a problem in washington, specifically in the administration. reading and understanding what is al qaeda, if it is weaker are not, it is not the central part of al qaeda has shifted from power to the affiliates. the center is still around. it always has a new chairman. the affiliate's growing. and the offshoots a growing. there are ten more battlefields that al qaeda is now conducting operations and then when it began in 2001 or when it attacked us. the most recent one is northern china -- northern sinai which could disrupt the suez canal transportation system or the arab-israeli. so by far al qaeda is much stronger, lighter, complicated and complex than it was before. lou: is there a lack of -- well, i would just say news, the press, involvement in the story of al qaeda? this administration has approached the line very, very carefully and closely saying -- regarding the war on terrorism to be a demand. what is going on? >> the only people that believe the president of the washington press corps. al qaeda is bigger than ev
, washington. >>> embattled yankees slugger alex rodriguez may be banned from baseball on the very day he returns to the majors. at my noon, the mlb is expected to ban a-rod through the 2014 season for his alleged connections to a florida clinic that administered performance-enhancing drugs. despite that, manager joe girardi confirmed a-rod will play his first game tonight. jay gray is live outside the yankees stadium in the bronx. what's the sequence of events we might expect to see today? >> reporter: good morning. outside yankee stadium. relatively quiet as major league baseball gets ready to break its silence. here's the front page of "the post." just go it says. fans ban a-rod, just accept the ban and go. today we'll find out how long he'll have to go for. here's how it's supposed to work out. about noon, as you talked about, the commissioner will announce his decision. there are a dozen to 14 players involved in this, but a-rod will get the most substantial suspension, according to sources that have spoke with nbc sports. most of the players getting 50-game bans. that will remove th
on the head, even in washington. we are divided and confused on the same issue. do we get involved? can we not get involved? >> i just learned a lesson from you. you have to have a policy. you have to think about contingencies. -- if you this more are on the defense, it is always bad. we are seeing some of this on an intellectual level. i have a lot of control over the discussions i have. being on the defensive, you can never get it right. the united states is on the offensive. it may be one analogy that is very of limited use. lawsuit and the lawyer tells you do not talk as much. you could be an expert witness. it is still in your interest the cause it is easy to get it wrong and easy to contradict something that you said before. research and and i do not know what is usually done there. everything you say is discoverable, even if you say it in a certain room. contradictions are not hard. we contradict ourselves. i cannot go further. >> we know that at the noon press briefing, you have to be able to respond. with a statement and that is a good deal of what gets us into trouble. no doubt a
of ceos from small business by also start ups. in washington d.c. they only hate you when your successful. then we're going to open it up to the audience. as - >> we work with people all over the united states. we have an intelligent to do that we're suppliers there and we get to them and explain the how and why and what to do. and that's another way to leverage our networks and our stories to be able to do that. and march for innovation that's a great thing it's allblast about how easy it is to do those things. i take every opportunity to be out there talking to people because numbers are great bs but as human nature it's better to put a face to a story and i encourage you to all do that. our start up was because we decided to get together and do that. he's from kansas and he takes every opportunity to talk about our stories. we have a network to make sure we keep going forward with this >> thank you we're going to go to questions from the audience. we're going to start with a few partners. first bob who's president and ceo of the san francisco chamber and if i'm not imposing too much
by the ghost of shutdowns past. it is received wisdom in washington that the 1995 government shutdown was a terrible loss for republicans and we should never go there again. i don't believe the evidence supports that conclusion. >> the shutdown wasn't a terrible loss for republicans? it turned newt gingrich into a national laughingstock. it cost him his job as house speaker and sent president clinton soaring to reelection. but these gop extremists don't care. take house majority leader eric cantor. he wants even more spending cuts. >> but the house really is the only one who has consistently engaged in trying to address the spending problem, all the while keeping our eye focused on trying to deal with the ultimate problem, which is this growing deficit. >> the growing deficit? that's just wrong. the deficit has gone down by $800 million since the president took office. that the fastest deficit reduction since world war ii. the gop agenda literally doesn't add up. that's why their big challenge now is not on the facts but on how to confuse voters. republicans are heading home armed wit
that they have in terms of closing these embassies and consulates. >> given the climate in washington right now, that is most unusual. is there any feeling this is the government issuing a warning at a time when the nsa is under scrutiny for its broad-reaching surveillance programs? >> reporter: well, clearly the information came as a result of those nsa surveillance programs. the doubters may think so but even congressman pete king, republican from new york, former head of homeland security and the administration's most vocal critic says no. >> we can't criticize them for doing too little with benghazi and not criticize them for doing too much. i give them credit for learning from benghazi and that's why they're firming up the embassies. as far as the worldwide alert i think it is absolutely warranted in this situation. >> reporter: the al qaeda leader, al-zawahiri who took over for bin laden after he was culled issued calls from separate audiotapes from wherever he is hiding in pakistan. the second 14-minute tape was posted on internet on friday. germany, france, england have intercepted simi
political reporter kasie hunt and in washington columnist and associated editor for "the washington post" david ignatius. >> as a red sox fan, this bereeves me greatly. richbds haas, you're a yankee fan, let's gloat. they're going to get him out this year, next year. bob costas, coming talking about it. you get bob costas talking about anything, costas doesn't like to wake up early, can i tell you how big this is? bob costas is on the west coast. >> no. >> and getting up early to talk about "morning joe." >> this is when it's hitting the fan. >> exactly. i have no idea what you're talking about. >> or -- >> a-rod is in big trouble. life-long yankee fan you have to be glad this guy is going to get yanked, right? >> so to speak. your second punt of the morning, it's good he's getting yanked. may go on a little longer. he's appealing the suspension that will be announced today. there's a procedure. he will be gone before the end of the season and then gone all of next season. effectively his baseball career, i would say, is all but over except for possibly a year and a half from now, two ye
. >> on the next washington discussesong michael child prostitution ring that stretched across 76 cities including chicago and oklahoma city. lawr that, the healthcare and the impact on insurance rates. will discuss in the amount of money the pentagon spends on generals and admirals. oh that was your phone calls e- mails and tweets on washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> i been pushing for this indiscriminate that we would move legislation, it is big and it is complicated. it means different things for different people. we need to get this done. as hard as it is for me to say the house is done something right. they are fine. they need to pass some of this. we ought to look at what they did. and certainly if you want to take a stab of doing our own thing. that is great. we need to get moving. this is a real threat to read this a real problem. nightll lay awake at worried. we need to get this done. >> technology and internet issues. monday night on the communicators. >> former texas congressman spoke at them young americans for liberty at george mason use aggressive. .he nation
as nsa critic congressman justin amash of michigan. then washington keeps heading for a budget impasse and government shutdown. >> we've seen a certain faction of republicans in congress saying they wouldn't pay the very bills that congress racked up in the first place. >> you know, instead of working together, the president yesterday threatened to shut down the government. >> in an exclusive interview, we'll ask house majority leader eric cantor if they can make a deal before the deadline, all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. we begin with a terror threat that has prompted the state department to arab i global issl alert for americans, and close two dozen embassies and consulates across the muslim world. we're told the al-qaeda threat is specific, but the targets are not. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest. james? >> chris, good morning. president obama and his national security team approached this day, the president's 52nd birthday, not in a state of celebration, but rather one of apprehension. the u.s. embassy compound
claiming he's being cheated out of his $90 million contract. joining me today, washington bureau chief for buzz feed, john stanton, founder and president of the center for social inclusion, maya wiley. from sirius xm, chris "mad dog" ruse sew and benjamin wallace wells. "the happy hothead," something that could possibly be said about alex rodriguez. mad dog. how about arod trying to blame the yankees? >> who else is he going to blame? right? >> never himself. >> of course. when you ask a-rod well, did you use steroids, never get an answer. yes or no, he tries to murky the waters by giving you the other scenarios. bottom line he'll be suspended for this year and 2014. he's going to be allowed to play for 30, 40 games because he is going to be able to appeal it and you can play when the appeals process is going on. it is august 5th. which means these games are important. yankees are in a pennant race. a-rod will probably play well, hit home runs, help the yankees may playoffs and then take a two-year vacation. >> show our viewers. this is the man who posed in details magazine kissing him
wider and wider. >> i put forward a strategy for breaking through the washington log jam. >> all republicans want to repeal and replace obama care. >> we ought to be judged how many laws we repeal. >> shutting down the government because i'm for keeping it open. >> let me be clear, i don't trust the republicans. >> absoluting down the republicans is not the right thing to do. >> none of these bills you passed is going to become law. >> washington is willing to set aside politics and focus on and what matters. >> why not stick around instead of taking a five-week vacation. ♪ it's a cruel, cruel summer ♪ ♪ leaving me here on my own >> good afternoon, we are following breaking news at this hour. new york yankees third baseman alex rodriguez is one of 13 major league players suspended today for using performance-enhancing drugs. rodriguez was handed a 211-game suspension but he will be eligible to play pending an appeal. and we'll have much more on that ahead, including reaction from new york mayoral candidate bill de blasio. we begin with a high stakes week outside the capitol
on sunday morning. peter doocy live this morning out of washington. good morning to you. the latest on these threats, what can we report? good morning. >> reporter: bill, lawmakers are alarmed for a reason, because al-qaeda-linked terrorists are reportedly in place and ready to strike. that's based on intel shared by the top democrat on the house intelligence committee. >> intelligence is the best defense against terrorism. those operatives are in place a because we've received information that high-level people from al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack, and these are people at a high level. >> reporter: the reason the terrorist chatter has been getting so loud lately is because of pressure to attack american targets coming from the top of al-qaeda all the way down to the local al qaeda affiliates. that's the way one mideast diplomat described this intel to us, zawahiri is trying to micromanage al-qaeda cells and basically let all the small cells know that he is the boss. but at some point all that chatter tipped off intel analysts. >> the threats were
it championship. dagen: washington bowles. still proves that he can open a movie. >> he sure did. 28 million at the box office and took number one. we had a screen showing the top five films. not a big blockbuster, but then the fell only cost 60 million the make, which is not bad. wolverine second week, 50 percent drop. smurf to, looking bad, but 75 percent of that first was overseas. dagen: and then the canyons. >> which you saw. dagen: on directv on demand because they did the simultaneous and peter release. >> usually when they do that it means the film will do that well. it means that there will be a curiosity. some people want to see lindsay lohan naked. i'm kind of trouble by it because having watched that parent trap with her as a lower growth my daughter, i'd want. dagen: i don't mean because she's naked and you're looking at her chest, but she looks like she's about 45 because she is age so badly. her co-star, the porn star, proving he can act below the waist but not from the waist up. it is one of the worst movies ever seen. was it in the privacy of my own home. you can stop it. >>
to tackle the big stories of the day as we move into this new week. it's kind of quiet in washington, d.c. these days because the house and senate are both off on their august break. a five-week break if you can believe it. but they will probably get as much done while they are out of town as they did when they were in town, which was absolutely nothing. and president obama celebrating his 52nd birthday with a big round of golf and then a sleepover at camp david. edward snowden is not a terrorist, he is a whistleblower and in response to what the nsa says is a real terrorist threat, 19 embassies have been shutdown around the world. is this just an attempt to make the nsa look good in and we'll find out what happens to a-rod today. you'll find out all about it right here next on current tv. at 9 eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. (vo) sharp tongue. >>excuse me? (vo) quick wit. smell like cookies and freedom. (vo) and above all
an antiabortion bill will be at the press club in washington, d.c. randy davis will talk about the political climate in texas and future political plans. see her comments life. warner: eastern on c-span. >>> live at 7:30 the new jersey democratic candidates debate. corey booker faces congressman rush holt and frank pallone and state assembly member, sheila oliver. that is 7:30 on c-span. all this week at 7:00 eastern on c-span2, on core, q&a. charles bold o.w.n. talks about his duties as an astronaut and current duties leading the world's largest space agency. >> i've been pushing for this in the senate that we would move cybersecurity legislation. it is big, it is complicated. that word cybersecurity means different things to different people but we need to get this done. as hard as it is for me to say the house has done something right, i'm teasing about that, they're fine, but they have actually passed some of this and i think that we ought to look at what they have done and certainly if we want to take a stab at dog our -- doing our own thing in the senate that's great but we need to get
in these games. do you have enough support in washington to provide legislation with any real teeth? >> i certainly hope so. we haven't paid a lot of attention until the last week but when the sports minister came out and said that the anti-discrimination law or it's actually the discrimination law against the lgbt community was enforced during the games it caught everyone's attention. i have a lot of concerns about the law itself and the general campaign against lgbt community in russia. i think we should clarify that it's wrong and certainly we need to guarantee that all of those attending the games are going to be in lgbt discrimination free zone. so we need to draw attention to that. >> given the current climate, as we have been witnessing with our relationship with russia, especially the fact that vladimir putin has granted temporary asylum to edward snowden any reason to believe -- >> i think when it comes to olympic games there is a tremendous amount of national prestige about it. i don't think russia wants to be in a position whether being criticized by the world for -- it's not r
for the "washington post." >> ifill: iran swore in a new president today. ahmadinejad is out, hassan rouhani is in. we dissect what the change means for the country. >> suarez: the rollicking trial of alleged boston mob boss "whitey" bulger approached its end today. margaret warner looks at closing arguments in the trial of the man prosecutors call "one of the most vicious, violent, and calculating criminals" to walk the city's streets. >> ifill: mandolin virtuoso chris thile has delighted fans by blurring genres. jeffrey brown talks with the mcarthur genius grant winner about his latest move from bluegrass to bach. >> when you talk about bach, you're talking about the greatest musician who ever lived. we've so far removed from someone being in a situation where they could dance to bach. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these
ago today, august 5th, 2011, stand & poors downgraded the credit rating. more from eamon in washington. eamon? >> reporter: hi, kelly. the markets are up a ton since then. but congress this week anyway is out on vacation. it's august here in washington, and that means the members of congress ski dadled at the end of the session last week. they're going home to their districts. they're going out to campaign. they're going out to raise money, on vacation. what they're not doing in washington is dealing with the next fiscal crisis that could be looming right around the corner. remember, at the end of the fiscal year comes in september, they're coming back in session september 9th. but at the end of the month, they're going to have to come up with something to do with the federal budget, possibly a continuing resolution that could be contentious. and after that, later in the fall, the debt ceiling fight. we'll have that all over again. even though the deficit itself has been going down, because remember, earlier this year, we did raise taxes and lower spending through sequester. it was --
, the washington national pitch everywhere gonzalez. they were both cleared. gonzalez said and i'm quoting here with this process now complete, i have no lingering sense of animosity as i quickly realize that the objective of this investigation was to clean up our game. and, remember, three other players already served time last year for using performance enhancing drugs. they are toronto blue jays outfielder cabrera, bartolo and began -- grandal there is no word if more names will be added to this growing list. >> shepard: the has 18 players. including rockie brewers slugger ryan braun. suspended the five-time all-star for 65 games. terror alert now. and a message from the head of al qaeda. tipped off the united states to what lawmakers are now calling the most serious threat in years. that's when what an intelligence source is telling fox news tonight. more on that and the details in a moment. first, the state department has shut down embassies and consulates in 19 cities in the middle east and africa for the rest of this week. members of the house and senate intelligence committee say that t
jr. memorial in washington, d.c. was ascription read "i drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness," a partial quotation from one of king sermons. here is what king actually said in 1968. >> yes, if you want to say i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness. and all of the other shallow things will not matter. >> critics including put my angelou said the shortened version of kings quotation him appear arrogant. the completed memorial will have group marks in place of the disputed words. it is due to be finished in time for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, august 28. juliusil rights attorney traber's has died at the age of 76 after a long illness. according to the naacp legal defense fund, chambers was a founding member of the first racially integrated law firm in north carolina who litigated and argued a number of key disaggregation of voting rights cases before the supreme court. the group said in a statement julius chambers died on friday in north carol
, martha washington to angelica van buren. with tonight's all this month starting on monday at 9:00 eastern on c-span. on martha washington, joining the conversation with patricia brady at what's the british parliament is in recess for the month of august. a will return september 2. we take a look back at the major events debated over the last few months. the bc parliament produced a one-hour program. >> welcome to westminster in review. back at the big events since easter. coming up on this program, the chancellor said there are billions of pounds to come. sociale money for ever spending. >> britain will spend more at the percentage of its national income all caps on investment in this decade despite the act that in the previous decade spending was being wasted in industrial area what's the conservatives unite around referendum about our place in the european union and >> they deserve a say deserve to be given a real choice. to paraphrase, that which our forefathers equipped -- and bequeath. fax probably gets the go-ahead for gay couples to marry. -- >> gay couples get the go
washington and mark wahlberg teamed up to claim the top spot. the pair star in "2 guns" based on a graphic novel about an undercover operation against drug traffickers. the movie made $27 million this weekend. the wolverine came in second, with 21 million. "smurfs 2" debuted in third, 18 million. "the conjuring" came in fourth to help it top 100 million, which is he can rebel for a horror movie. "despicable me" rounding out the top spots. >> i'll see denzel in anything. he -- and mark wallberg is a great actor. i'm ama daetz, for mike shumann, lisa argen, leigh glaser, who is off, thank you for joining us. we're back at 9:00 and 11:00. we'll leave you with a live look outside. see you tonight at 11:00. >> right now, denzel washington and mark wahlberg on the run. >> lots of laughs, lots of action. >> this movie touches on the definition of family to each person. >> hollywood do-gooders honored. kid feel like an -- a lazy because i do not do half of this. >> i have a hot potato situation but it gets the job done. >> on the right carpet, now. welcome to on the red carpet on the set of abc fa
, i am proud to serve on that board. from catholic university in washington, who is started with the first song. there is no excuse for elder abuse. >> i am very happy to be here to talk to you all a little bit about elder abuse. there is about 5 million people. ♪ a little louder. you want me to rap? ♪ i need some help. my brain elasticity is not too god. i -- good. i need your help. turn to page 21. yo, yo, yo. maybe you want to stand up a little bit, get the blood running. 21 little -- ok. listen up. join me if you can. ♪ i want to stay connected there's a big world out ther e email through the air i may be over 60, but i love mp3's face time me ♪ here we go. one, two -- ♪ is urf the -- i surf the net for free my favorite cafe is the library i write to all my homies they know the adresdressee i'm great with advocacy ♪ we have to use the internet for advocacy and democracy. we have to be savvy cyber users. ♪ an e-mail from nigeria says i won $1 million a check will come, made out just for me ♪ ♪ what do i do? press delete looks to good to be true, it is
for the "washington post," "time" magazine, the senior fellow at the carnegie sentry foundation, was on the n.s.a. snooping story very early on. david sanger chief washington correspondent for the "new york times." and rounding out the group our old pal john dickerson, our cbs news political director. so we have this threat. does this-- mark, you're the one who first broke this story about edward snowden-- does this change this debate on what the national security agency is doing? because, obviously, the reason we know about this threat is the capabilities at the national security agency. >> well, it's a reminder of the other side of the story, which is that we depend on intelligence. we depend on surveillance, and particularly, we depend on signals to keep the country safe. it doesn't change much about whether they've gone too far or whether we understand enough about the basic outlines of what they're doing that affects american privacy. >> schieffer: do you think-- i mean, because people always say this when something like this happens. people will say, "you don't suppose they're making mo
en ir a otro mundo . >> el ganador del oscar ,washington y walbert tienen misión . >> cada uno es de agencias diferentes, descofian pero tienen mismo objetivo , banda de mafiosos pero todo sale de las manos y cuándo amenazados temen no tendrán más que aliarse para salir ilesos . >> [música] .
washington street which is just to the south of 3871 jackson. and my wife and children and i have lived at this property for almost 20 years. we have seen a lot of remodels in our area. and we have never had to come before this commission. we have always figured out how to work with our neighbors. we were, we had a meeting after some confuse about the review process with mr. navy and the project manager and we requested that they come to our house and we hosted them at our house to review the plans. we had our neighbor with us as well who is here and has the comments as well. to review the comments as well. we raised a lot of concerns about the size of the remodel and as they were stated earlier, it would dramatically change the mid block open space and infringe on our privatecy in a large way, my daughter's bedroom is on the rear side of the house and so the large open windows would pier right into her bedroom and we are not comfortable with that at all. it did not seem appropriate to have a long discussion at that time, we had just met our neighbor for the first time and so we wanted
make a me face. >> stephanie: remember we did washington, d.c. sexy liberal, guess who asked for tickets, mandy patinkin because he said the whole cast -- fans and -- >> no way! >> stephanie: hi, claire. >> i saw the parody of it before i ever saw the actual show. oh, okay, that's what they're -- >> that makes me anxious but dexter doesn't. i have no problem with -- >> dexter is so lovable. >> stephanie: i understand you shot a man at the yuck yucks once just to watch him die. >> i did then i kicked open a door. >> stephanie: and chopped him up. i have a friend who is in a virtual -- she's in a virtual panic she couldn't watch dexter last night. >> the time-warner thing. >> stephanie: they dropped showtime now. >> it could be months. >> stephanie: ironically, a lot of people may kill someone because they can't watch dexter. >> i hope bad things start happening because i need it back, too. >> stephanie: i hope you feel good about it. >> it is the final season. >> if somebody besides me that liked golf was under the age of 75, we would all get out of our chairs but it is just m
cain in cairo. here in egypt the terror threat may not be as grave. i doubt washington would send these two senators over to cairo. >> an excellent point. what do the people in kiep row make of this? do they think it's a big deal. you have people killed in the streets over the last couple of weeks. now the security threat against the u.s. embassy. are they kind of shrugging their shoulders at this one? >> reporter: i think some are shrugging their shoulders. much are confused like much of the world. this makes for an basa awkward puzzling information. you've had these threats coming from washington for days that a terror attack could be coming. on the other hand there's very little information coming as to what could be happening and what intelligent officials could have detected to sound these alarms. it has a lot of people saying okay there's these terror threats but what do we do now. a lot of questions remain unanswered. >> thank you. appreciate that. the obama add administration got a lot of criticism over the previous terror throat. >> benghazi was a complete failure. we dropped the b
and the right but saves most of his fodder for president obama. good morning from washington. it's august 5th, 2013. this is the "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. loaf the no traffic in d.c. but it doesn't mean we're not very busy. first reads of the morning. global terror threat. officials warning they've intercepted a high volume of chatter that indicates a major attack may be in the works, likely in the hands of aqap, known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, officially the affiliate based in yemen. too vague to pinpoint where it might happen. everyone with inside knowledge about this threat says it's the most serious in years, perhaps the most serious since 9/11. >> we've received information high-level people from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> there's been an awful lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. very reminiscent of of what we saw pre-9/11. >> because of the specificity, because of where it's coming from, the credibility of it, the level of chatter, it seems to be a fairly
of washington, d.c. it's a neat issue to bring liberals and conservatives together. because conservatives get a bad wrap because i believe in state's rights, yeah, that means you're a racist. that's the way -- that's their mentality. but i like the last paragraph of the declaration of independence because they talk about free and independent states as if they were countries -- they emphasize that in the declaration. so so this is what will have to happen is it might really happen when there's chaos. in detroit and things like that. is there a government in detroit right now? i mean, is there a police force? oh, yeah, there's a burglar outside of my house. i think i'll call the police. it's over with. so when the federal government can't respond because the money doesn't work and they can't pay the military and the troops come home, that's the way the soviet system collapsed. if that's the case, there's going be -- there's hundreds of times right now that our local governments, cities, townships, and states are writing actual laws to nullify, you know, when it comes to obamacare and these othe
waiting for washington in the national guard, and everyone in the federal arsenal to get a bus? -- to catch up with us? what can i do now to make sure that we do not have a breach of personal information? >> that is really what i was try to get at. thank you. i have asked in delaware for that head of the department of technology education to see what steps we're are taking. it looks like a pretty good list and i am not sure what resources are available here for us at nga. i want to get the best in class set of standards. can you run through the dashboard, and some of the other questions? there is a dashboard where there is a checklist, we are not talking about dreams and volumes of paper, we're talking about a simple sort of step and action you can take and go through. that is available through this center. also, the names and e-mails of our other partners who are part of this board. members who would be delighted to have a governor call them, or reach out to them, and save what advice can you give to me on this? as with the other homeland security aspects, they need drilling,
, let's play "hardball \s>>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. a dozen years ago this month, the united states of america received a sharp warning. bin laden. determined to strike in u.s. that message was delivered to the president directly. a month later this country was hit harder than at any time since pearl harbor. but without blaming george w. bush for failing to act sufficiently to that warning an of august 6th, 2001, should anyone blame this president and his people for acting in time this time? joining me tonight from cairo, nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel and with us from new york, msnbc terrorist analyst governor coleman. nbc is reporting now the interrogation behind the worldwide terrorist alert this week was an intercepted communication between the leader an of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the leader of al qaeda central over in pakistan. the man who succeeded osama bin laden zawahiri. the two men reportedly agreed that they wanted to do something big. timed to the end of the muslim holy month of
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